Elsa Holland

Historical Romance Writer: LUSH SENSUAL READS

I’ve been told

when I get older

that I’ll understand it all……

but I’m not sure if I want to….


Yes I’m an old Kate Bush fan. Old as in long standing cough, cough

There is something about finding that child spirit in yourself. The wonderment and magic of it all. I remember when I was young and was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up …. I wanted to be a wise old witch who lived in the forest or an elf. (Yes I can still tell you why I thought they were good options!!) Naturally I was quite devastated as over time both my career choices were taken away from me  * sigh*

Secretly though, between the two of us, I am still holding on to the idea that one of them may yet pop up as an option ….

Kate Bush – In Search of Peter Pan…



One thought on “In Search of Peter Pan

  1. I too am a long standing fan of this extremely talented and beautiful lady.


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