Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday


The Weekend Writing Warriors share  8 sentences over the weekend. Here are mine from the start of a historical novella set in Victorian London called THE VEILED HEART.    

The mechanic, has just left the shop where he met Lily for the first time. He should head home…..


London 1898

Sweat beaded on his forehead and his heart pounded harder than the pistons of a steam engine. She was exactly the kind of build he went for, slim, average height with full hips and breasts. There was enough of her neck on display between her collar and veil to see impossibly pale skin; it was the kind of milk white that made your hand look like a savage when laid against its purity.

Those things alone would’ve attracted him but there was more; she was crowned with thick, inky black hair.  Its luster, even partially hidden, gleamed like glossy oriental lacquer under her hat and the lace veil. He wanted to pull the pins out and push his face into the satin mass of it and just breathe the scent of her in.

It was his Achilles heel combination and his body let him know it.

Heading home would be the smart thing to do, the rational thing to do; there were a hundred reasons he should not follow her but still he didn’t move into the cab.

© Elsa Holland

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