The Veiled Heart Sexy Snippet

Sexy snippet: from The Veiled Heart. 

A few sentences from a work in progress. Here’s mine for the week from The Veiled Heart.


This seduction really isn’t necessary,” her eyes flashed up, through a space in the veil and looked into his.

He gripped her waist, tugged her closer to his chest, and laughed a deep rich sound. It slid over her skin in the same way his hand was gliding over her body. Every touch sending ripples out into a desolate past.

“Is something wrong?” He must think she was so foolish.

She wriggled to get up but he didn’t move. Nor did he mock her. Instead, his touch continued to meander over her body in long, slow, rhythmic strokes.

“A body needs to relax, Lily.” His breath tickled her ear. “Even when pleasure is solely in the pursuit of knowledge.”  His voice got muffled as he pressed his mouth to her neck.

Lips touched at the exact point between her tightly buttoned jacket and the veil that was molded under her chin and around her face;  it was the only piece of bare flesh on show.

It felt hot.

Very hot as his tongue stroked across her skin.